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Cart | Horse

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Mexican cart in the courtyard or garden of the “Ramona” house in San Diego. Photograph taken by  Frederick Samuel Dellenbaugh, 1929 Sept.

One horse picketed. Photograph taken by Walter McClintock, undated

Linnea Borealis and friends

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Images of flowers, from a set of lantern slides that accompanied the lecture, “My Life Among the Indians” given in 1941 by Walter McClintock. For more slides, search the Beinecke Digital Images database ( for the keywords “WA MSS S-1175 lantern”

linnea borealis

small six-petaled flowers with wide leaves

Tufted white flowers with fern-like leaves

Sunflowers and white flowers

Blue flowers near rocks

Four-petaled white flower on tree branch [likely Dogwood]

Five-petaled pink flowers

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