Room 26 Cabinet of Curiosities

. . . from the bottom UP!

Posted in Beinecke Library, Shirley Collection by beineckepoetry on June 29, 2009

A pop-up book created as a promotional item for the Mutual Broadcasting System, featuring a group of three-dimensional sports scenes: . . . from the bottom UP!, ca. 1943.

Oratorical Gestures

Posted in Beinecke Library, General Modern Collection by beineckepoetry on April 11, 2008

Images of the Delsarte system of expression, popularized in the 1880s
and found in the volume: The Popular Entertainer and Self-Instructor in Elocution
(Chicago: Conkey, 1898) [in the collection of the Beinecke Library as part of a salesman’s sample book, including Wood’s Natural History for Children]