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Face to Face to Face to Face

Posted in Beinecke Library by beineckepoetry on June 15, 2009

Polaroid portraits of poets, writers, artists, critics, and others from the Jonathan Williams Photograph Collection.

Polaroid Prints - Men Without Facial Hair - 6

Polaroid Prints - Men Without Facial Hair - 41

Jonathan Williams, a poet, photographer, and editor and publisher of The Jargon Society, made formal and informal portraits of friends and associates in the United States and Europe from the 1950s until his death in 2008; the Jonathan Williams Photograph Collection includes several thousand images, including, in addition to portraits,  photographs of  landscapes, grave sites, artworks, and art installations.  This recently acquired collection is currenlty being organized and processed by Beinecke Library Archivist, Matthew Mason.  Jonathan Williams Photograph Collection record in Orbis:  Jonathan Williams Photograph Collection; view additional images from this collection.

Photographs by Jonathan Williams are used with permission of the copyright holder,  Tom Meyer; permission is required to publish Williams’s  photographs in any format. To learn more, contact the Curator, Yale Collection of American Literature.


Beinecke Library Archivist, Matthew Mason.

Poets’ Portraits

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Photographs of poets by poet, editor, and photographer Jonathan Williams (collection record in Orbis:  Jonathan Williams Photographs; view additional images from this collection).

Robert Duncan


Simon Cutts


Charles Olson


Lorine Niedecker


Robert Creeley


Nathaniel Tarn


Jonathan Williams (self portrait)

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