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Façade (première partie)

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Pages from Façade, a magazine published approximately twice yearly in Paris between 1976 – 1983.
Taking inspiration from Interview Magazine, Façade covered cultural high life in france, documenting night clubbing, music, fashion, and general fabulousness.

The first example shows an article about Guy Cuevas Carrion a Cuban-born writer who morphed into one of the trendiest DJs during the disco years, holding court at Club Sept in Paris. He also recorded several singles, including the legendary “Obsession

[Please alert the editors of Room 26 if anyone makes a mix of the songs listed in the interview!]

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Dance, Dance, Revolution!

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Party City

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Montmartre en 1925 by Jean Gravigny
A guide to the high life and low life in a fabled section of Paris in the 1920s.
[Illustrations “de RM” – otherwise unsigned.]

With jazzy illustrations . . .

Hard Time Blues

Photographs of dancer and choreographer Pearl Primus dancing “Hard Time Blues,” her dance based on a folk song about sharecropping by singer Josh White. Primus was well known and widely celebrated for her dance performances based on important African American poems and songs, including “The Negro Speaks of Rivers” by Langston Hughes and “Strange Fruit” by Lewis Allen. Photographs by Carl Van Vechten, 1943.

Additional resources: Pearl Primus on Wikipedia; Josh White on Wikipedia; Carl Van Vechten on Wikipedia. All photographs by Carl Van Vechten are used with permission of the Van Vechten Trust; the permission of the Trust is required to reprint or use Van Vechten photographs in any way. To contact the Trust email: Van Vechten Trust.