Room 26 Cabinet of Curiosities

A Home in Dutch Flat, California

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The Lantern – part 1

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Pages from issues of handmade juvenile publications, The Lantern, created by 8-year-old Frederic Gerrish of Portland, Maine, 1853-1859.

Tune in again later for the tale of John Carty . . .

Sea of Japan

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Pages from a unique book of 121 mounted seaweed specimens from the Sea of Japan [collected, possibly by Lauriston B. Hardin, on the Perry Japan Expedition, 1853-55].

The Infant’s Encyclopedia

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Enciclopedia de la Infancia, a complete run of a little-known periodical published to educate children by the director of the Escuela Normal Mercantil in Valparaiso, Chile in 1857.
The editor, Enrique M. de Santa Olalla, appears to have produced the majority of each issue by hand.