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Of fishes and salvage

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Images prepared for a volume of a multi-part Traite general des Pesches (i.e. Peches), edited by H. M. Duhamel du Monceau.
While the focus of the volume, developed over the 18th century and finally published in its entirety between 1769-1782, is on varieties of fishing and methods of catching them, it also discusses matters related to life along the seashore. such as the droit de varech, the important understanding of the legal limits of salvaging materials washed ashore from shipwrecks.

History Repeating

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A comic image from a special edition of a French magazine from 1902,
focusing on the folly of the stock market.

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The Infant’s Encyclopedia

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Enciclopedia de la Infancia, a complete run of a little-known periodical published to educate children by the director of the Escuela Normal Mercantil in Valparaiso, Chile in 1857.
The editor, Enrique M. de Santa Olalla, appears to have produced the majority of each issue by hand.


Production photographs, film stills, and program from Borderline, an experimental silent film produced in 1930 by Pool Films. Posted in conjunction with the Beinecke Library’s current exhibition, Paper Trail: Documenting 20th-Century Film in the Archive (February 9 through March 31, 2009). The exhibition features  scripts, notes, photographs, scrapbooks, and printed matter documenting the work of such filmmakers as Boris Kaufman, Mary Ellen Bute, Stan Brakhage, Gerard Malanga, and H. D., Bryher, and Kenneth Macpherson.

Paul Robeson and Kenneth Macpherson


Kenneth Macpherson


From the set of Borderline


Paul and Eslanda Robeson


Kenneth Macpherson and H.D.


Borderline, APool Film with Paul Robeson (Program)

About Borderline

The only full-length feature film produced by Pool Films, Borderline was written and directed by Kenneth Macpherson; actors included Macpherson and his Pool Films collaborators H.D. and Bryher along with other friends. The only professional actor in the film was Paul Robeson. The film explores issues of race, class, sexuality, and gender in what H. D. referred to as “[a] particular borderline town of some indefinite mid-European mountain district.” Of the characters in the film, the poet writes: “they are borderline social cases, not out of life, not in life….” Macpherson attempts in Borderline to explore a visual representation of various conscious and unconscious mental processes and extreme psychological states, reflecting the group’s abiding interest in psychoanalysis and the possibilities it might represent for experimental artistic expression.

These and related materilas can be found in the H.D. Papers (YCAL MSS 24) and the Bryher Papers (Gen Mss 97).

The Great Mirror of Folly

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An image of John Law as Don Quixote, from the volume:
Het Groote Tafereel der Dwaasheid, Amsterdam, 1720,
the focus of a conference to be held at Yale University,
April 17-19, 2008:


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