Room 26 Cabinet of Curiosities

American Lawn

Posted in Beinecke Library, Yale Collection of American Literature by beineckepoetry on September 2, 2010

Margaret Anderson (YCAL MSS 265)


Gertrude Stein on the terrace of her villa at Biliguin with Pepe and Basket I, photographed by Carl Van Vechten (ZA Van Vechten)


[Eugene O’Neill, wearing striped robe, sitting on lawn, reading, 1931]. (YCAL MSS 123)


Photograph of Ezra Pound reclining in lawn chair at St. Elizabeth’s. (YCAL MSS 24)


[Photograph of Margaret Canby in a lawn chair with a cigarette, 1929]. (YCAL MSS 187)


Elizabeth Jenks Clark (YCAL MSS 265)


Josephine Herbst. (ZA Herbst)


On the lawn at Newport — standing: Miss Edgar (Edith Wharton’s cousin) and Edith Wharton; seated: Mr. Hoyt Gould, Lucretia Jones (Edith Wharton’s mother), and Teddy Wharton, ca. 1884. (YCAL MSS 42)

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