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Whisper Campaign

Posted in Beinecke Library, General Modern Collection by beineckepoetry on August 9, 2010

An issue of Whisper from June, 1956, an example of the gossip-fueled tabloids that multiplied in the 1950s,
answering (and creating) the American public’s thirst for scandals – especially about
actors and actresses, and exposés of the underbelly of the middle class.

Among such articles about wife-swapping in the suburbs and crime rings for hire,
are overtly hostile profiles of gay men, including the pan of Liberace’s first starring role in a film
and a frank open letter to Tennessee Williams penned by his “old friend,” Max Maxwell.

The magazine is also filled with ads promising body-reshaping, sex tips, and
and the extremely practical “hair-do cutouts” from Hollywood Hair-Do (located on Long Island).

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  1. Jim Fisher said, on August 11, 2010 at 10:07 pm

    Here is a link to some modern hair-do cutouts, just in case you want to change your look.

    Click to access washingtonpost-sanjaya.pdf

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